Getting a grip is often not possible.

Are you suffering from stress? If so, you’re far from alone. It’s a curse of modern life that very few of us are able to avoid.

Maybe you’re battling to keep the boss happy, or juggling the household budget – not to mention the never-ending demands of a family, or the trials and tribulations of the daily commuter run. Then there’s the worry of staying healthy as you get older, becoming a burden and losing your independence – it seems that stress is with us from the cradle to the grave in the 21st century.

Whatever the cause of the stress in your life, simply telling yourself to ‘Get a grip and press on’ isn’t usually enough. Most of us need some help finding ways of coping with stress and dealing with the symptoms of stress. In a perfect world we’d just remove those things that cause us stress and hey presto – no problem!

The effective, safe and enjoyable way to ease those symptoms.

Here at DSR we offer a wide variety of genuinely effective (not to mention, much safer and far more enjoyable) ways of easing the stress out of your body. We have all your needs covered from top to toe – literally. Everything from an invigorating Indian Head Massage to a gentle foot massage or reflexology treatment. Just click the link above to get the full story on all our treatments available.

We’re sure to have something that suits your needs perfectly. So why not just call or e-mail us for a free personal evaluation of how we can help?

You’ve nothing to lose but the stress.