It is natural to have stress. We all need some positive stress to help us with motivation, energy and zest, however negative stress can be harmful, and contribute to a range of ailments.
Short-term stress is the result of an extreme event. (Death of loved one, injury, job loss, marriage, promotion). The symptoms of short-term stress can be quite effectively treated.

Long-term stress is a persistent build-up of stress that doesn’t seem to end. (Unhappiness at work, family problems, lifestyle). Stress is designed to help us cope in the face of danger and should not be borne for extended periods. This long-term stress can be a contributing factor to some serious illnesses.

While some symptoms may require medical assessment, a lot of people will benefit from stress relief therapies.

At Hampshire Stress Relief Centre we believe that awareness is the first step to controlling stress. Once you are aware of what triggers your stress it can be much better dealt with.
Unfortunately, only in an ideal world can all our stressors be removed, and we need to learn to live with those things we cannot change.
We can help you cope better with the stress you have by offering advice including nutrition, exercise, posture, breathing and relaxation techniques, depending on your individual needs.